Network Facilitator - Donna Friess

Who am I?

Donna L. Friess, Ph.D. is professor emeritus, Cypress College. Donna enjoyed a 45 year long career as a full time professor. She rose to national attention when she and her sisters had to confront and resolve the fact that their father was abusing their four year old niece. After a successful 15 month long trial and a guilty verdict, Donna wrote her best selling autobiography which is in 7 languages and currently offered in a German edition. That book led to her authorship of seven more books.  

As a psychologist who has worked as a grief counselor, and life coach, she sees herself as a cheerleader inspiring others toward their goals. Donna is frequently sought after by writers who are aspiring to become authors. 

This writers network is a safe place where aspiring writers can share ideas with each other, sharing work and receiving astute feedback.

A Few of My Works

Cry the Darkness: One Woman’s Triumph over the Tragedy of Incest (1993; 2nd edition 2013)

Whispering Waters: Historic Weesha and the Settling of Southern California (Oral History) (1998)

Cherish the Light: One Woman’s Journey from Darkness to Light (2013)

The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest (2014)

Capistrano Trails: Ride for the Brand (2018)

Assistant Facilitator - Megan Friess

Who am I?

Megan Friess currently attends Chapman University and is pursuing dual Masters degrees in Literature and Creative Writing. She graduated from UC San Diego where she earned a B.A. in Literature/Writing with Honors with High Distinction. Her honors thesis was a creative nonfiction work titled Family Inheritance. During her undergraduate time, Megan worked as a writing tutor and presented at two conferences related to tutoring.

A Few of My Works

Family Inheritance (Undergraduate Honors Thesis)

Negotiating Tutoring Personas in Response to Students’ Signaled Needs (2019 SCWCA Tutor Conference)

Connecting with English Language Learners Through Shared Linguistic Backgrounds (2018 SCWCA Tutor Conference)

Community Guidelines

  • Members will respect the privacy of each other and will not share identities of members outside of the group.
  • Members will respect the sanctity of each other’s ideas and will not share another’s work or ideas with anyone outside of the group,
  • Members agree to read and provide helpful and encouraging feedback to others.
  • A member must be willing to read at least 2500 words or ten pages per month of another’s writing and provide insights.